Good Brazil Home Football Shirt 2016

When it comes to Brazil, a lot of people knows “Football Kingdom” because of the country’s victories in major sporting events and Brzilians’ passion for football. Almost everybody in Brazil is involved in street soccer. Quite a few soccer stars like Ronaldinho start their professional career from playing street soccer. Soccer has been integrated with the Brazilian life, forming a unique cultural phenomenon.

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, commonly known as Ronaldinho, is a former attacking midfielder, but is also a forward or a winger. From 1999 to 2013, Ronaldinho played totally 97 matches for his nation and helped the team win the titles of 1999 Copa América and 2002 FIFA World Cup. In addition to Brazil national team, he has played for several football clubs such as PSG, Barcelona, AC Milan and so on. Ronaldinho got the Best FIFA Men’s Player award two times and Ballon d’Or award in his football career. He realized his dream.

Ronaldinho is wildly regarded as one of the greatest and most successful players. He is praised particularly for his technical skills, creativity and balance. Portugal midfield playmaker Rui Costa said:“There are not many players who can offer goalscoring passes like Ronaldinho. He is just marvellous. He is a rare case of an assist man who can provide the ball from anywhere.” When he scored at football pitches, Ronaldinho always raised his arms to the sky to symbolize victories and comfort his father.

On 17 January 2018, Ronaldinho hung up his boots. His loyal fans felt heartbroken but they would keep him in mind all the time.

With excellent players, Brazil national team has cooperated with a leading brand Nike so as to provide the most advanced products for these players.

There is a 2016 home match shirt for this successful team which is certainly designed and manufactured by Nike.

The released Vapor shirt made by innovative Nike AeroSwift technology can help players be concentrated on games and perform well.

“The 2016 Brazil national team jersey represents a complete sports equipment manufactured specifically for speed,” said Martin Lotti, Nike’s creative director. “It took Nike two years to create the brand new Vapor jersey produced by AeroSwift technology, and in the process we worked with athletes to make the new shirt fit them perfectly. Now we see these jerseys are worn by the best team players in the world and shown at football matches.”

The home shirt is yellow with green elements, which keeps the classic design of Brazil home shirts. It features a stylish V-neck collar with a green stripe. The team badge is printed proudly on the chest and the five stars represent five titles of World Cup. “Brasil(Brazil)” is embroidered under the team badge and at the back of the collar. Besides, Amor(Love) and Orgulho (Proud) are separately knitted the insides of sleeves. All these design details show players’ national pride. There is a green breathable stripe placed on both sides of the shirt in order to keep players cool and dry.

Another interesting point to note is that the Brazil 2016 kit features yellow shorts and the traditional blue shorts as well.

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