Brazil football jersey

At the World Cup in Russia this year,the jerseys of many national teams have gained recognition from many fans. Nike has teamed up with the Brazilian soccer federation to produce home and away team jerseys for Brazil which using Nike’s latest materials and technology and adding a touch of Brazilian culture.

Yellow has always been the main color of Brazil’s home team jerseys since 1954, but it is still the same this year which the color scheme is more vibrant that with a “samba gold” design. The bright yellow jersey that the player wear was impressed to the audience. The newly designed Brazil World Cup jerseys are more dynamic. Brazil’s away jerseys are dominated by blue and with a five-pointed star on its chest. It tells the story of two firsts in Brazilian football history which one was playing against hosts Sweden for the first time in a blue shirt in 1958 and the other was when Brazil became world champions for the first time. Brazil’s World Cup jerseys are have a collar design that includes a map of the Brazilian flag. And surrounded by layers of radiation, the slogan “você é a seleção (your choice)” is displayed in the outer circle to showcase Brazilian culture. The shorts in the Brazilian jersey are designed without an external seam which reduces friction between the pants and the legs while playing football while increasing freedom of movement and making players more comfortable on the field.

The jersey of Brazil team adopts the new Nike VaporKnit technology and is equipped with high-performance knitted fabric. Moreover, mesh holes are added to the chest and back to provide air permeability and increase the smart expression. Brazilians have a natural sense of rhythm and have an advantage in football.The Brazilian uniforms work so well with this rhythm that allowing Brazilian players to play better. Significance in order to make this kind of shirt, Nike designers fluctuation full time is in jersey color, they take a color card to Sao Paulo, Brazil’s football museum, careful than found in Mexico in 1970 using the jerseys that matches the yellow, that is the world’s fans see in color TV taking World Cup for the first time, also for the first time feel the magic of Brazil’s yellow.Like several other first tier sponsored national teams, the Brazilian national team 2018 home team player version is also an advanced Vapor Match player version featuring Vaporknit technology.Nike USES advanced knitting technology to make the fabric of the players’ jerseys very special, light and fit, and different functional areas are woven in different ways, and they are all connected together.Although there is no bright spot in the appearance design, but in the fabric details and wearing feeling, Nike very well completed their design original intention.

As Nike’s director of advanced design for soccer Pete Hoppins says, the bright yellow shirts of the Brazilian players combined with their spectacular style of football really impressed audiences around the world, one of the most iconic moments in world soccer history.If Neymar, Koutinho, and Firmino don’t wear yellow, green and blue at home, I’m afraid the fans around the world won’t agree.As one of the top three favorite in Russia at the World Cup, the home jersey of Brazil should not be missed.

2018 Brazil away football jersey.

Every Brazil football fans would be depressed by the team performance at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. At this time, the team passed the group stage with two wins and one draw. However, they lost the game in the eighth-finals with a 2-1 defeat versus Belgium.

By reviewing the team performance in the world cup in recent years, it can be found that the team even has not participated in the semi-finals since the players held up the trophy in 2002. The best grade of the team is the third place in 2014. All these absolutely are not pleasing for the Brazil fans regarding the football as their national pride and feature.

Brazilian football impresses the world with their invincibility and prominent personal skills. Eminent football player is never rare in Brazil, which lead to the distinct style that the team always wins the game with the brilliant performance by individual players rather than an elaborate cooperation. This team possesses such an outstanding player as well.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, born 5 February 1992, commonly known as Neymar Jr. or simply Neymar, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a forward for French club Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazil national team. Neymar makes a name of himself at his very youth of 17, where he captained the club Santos to double championships of Campeonato Paulista. Neymar was twice awarded of the honour of South American Footballer of the Year in 2011 and 2012. In August 2017, Neymar transferred from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain in a move worth €222 million, making him the world’s most expensive player. Neymar debuted for his national team at age 18 and has gotten 59 goals in 92 matches since then. He is ranked after Pelé and Ronaldo as the third highest goalscorer in Brazil national team. He played a role in Brazil’s victories at the 2011 South American Youth Championship and the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup. In 2016,he helped Brazil winning their first Olympic gold medal in men’s football at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Neymar featured as a key player at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. He played 5 games bring the team 2 goals and one assist. One of the two goals is in the match against Costa Rica, he wearing the away football jersey scored the goal with the assist from his teammate.

The away football shirts are equipped with Vaporknit technology, applying the same design as the home shirts. The primary color is blue with yellow and green ornament on it. The details of the kit reveals its delicacy. Engineered yarns on the sleeves contribute to the speed aesthetic of the kit. The open hole texture of the knit on the chest and back are precisely plotted against footballers’ heat and sweet maps for optimal breathability. A new heat transfer crest is 64 percent lighter than previously crest application, and Nike’s most breathable ever. Vaporknit, a highly engineered body-mapped knit fabric, supports increased airflow by producing a duct-like effect. Built-in ribs on the inside of the kit help reducing cling.

Brazil Home Football Shirt 2018

Brazil football culture

Brazil is a country of football. From youth to the aged, it seems that every Brazilian you meet can show you his football skill. Every people loves football in this country, therefore football culture is ingrained into this land.

The richest football culture cultivates the most prominent team. There is no doubt that Brazil national football team is one of the greatest team on the earth. The team has won total 5 title of the FIFA world cup since it began, which is a unique achievement that none of the other national teams has done. The team is the only one to participate every world cup competition ever hold and won the world cup tournament in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002.

Five championship

Brazil national team firstly won himself the honor of world cup in 1958 with famous player such as Pelé, Garrincha, Didi, and Vava. Four years later, the team had defended championship successfully. In 1970, after winning the championship for the third time, the Brazil national team was awarded of the honor to eternally keep the Jules Rimet Cup , the first world cup trophy which later is replaced by FIFA World Cup. Meanwhile, this match is the last time for Pelé to participate the world cup.

In the years after 1970, the team seemed to lose the bless from the goddess of the victory and did not won any world cup until 1994. Before 1994 American World Cup, new coach Pereira built a team with European style differing from the traditional one, which eventually won the world cup for the forth time in the national history. The fifth title of the world cup came to the team in 2002. In this world cup, the team reveals its invincibility that it lost no match.

The kit in 2018

In 2018, Brazil national team progressed from group stage as group winner however was defeated by Belgium in eighth-finals. This time,classic yellow shirt is still the official choice. The shirts is mainly yellow combined with green.

The traditional design of home shirts is applied to this one. With the green stripes decorating the hem of the collar, the shirt unites green and yellow perfectly. The colors from the national flag represent rich forest and materials resource of the Brazil. The team has worn in yellow since 1954 and has made it remarkable.

“The bright, vivid yellow of the Brazilians combined with their style of play really made an impact on viewers around the world,” says Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director. “It’s one of the most iconic moments in the history of football, and we wanted to channel that energy into the 2018 National Team collection.”

At the center of the national flag is a globe, which can be found at the inside neck of both the home and away kit encircled by radiating lines at the inside neck of kits. The phrase ‘você é a seleção’ (which translates to “your selection”) runs around the design.

Although the team didn’t get a satisfying grade in this match, the Brazilian football would continued to be a strong force on the football field.