The entire TEDxBrum team would like to thank everyone for attending, speaking, performing and volunteering at this year's DIY event. On November 8th 2014, TEDxBrum hosted a day of DIY, a day of action, a day of change. Whatever you took from the event, we hope it leads to making Birmingham a better place.

From our humble beginnings in 2012, volunteers continue to grow this platform in Birmingham.

This years TEDxBrum team is the biggest and most ambitious yet. Fiercely passionate about helping make the change we want to see.

On November 8th, TEDxBrum will take over the Library of Birmingham with a day of talks, events, conversation, performance & change.

This city is changing. Step by step. Little by little.We all know Birmingham isn’t perfect but it’s our home. A home we are proud of.
This year, TEDxBrum’s theme is DIY.
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'Placing Art at the Heart' via @mike_twed at #TEDxBrum: #DIY
- Friday Mar 6 - 8:57am

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